Lenore Janecek: A Thousand Sparks Of Light


Shining a light on the appalling issue of medical error, this stirring memoir, A Thousand Sparks of Light tells of one health professional’s empowering story from the hospital mishap to the courtroom battle that catalyzed her now public crusade.

“Readers will not be disappointed to absorb her philosophy of life.”

- Ho Luong Tran MD, Author, Faces on a Journey, President/CEO, National Council Pacific Islander Physicians

“Lenore creatively opens and shares her life in this beautifully written book. Instead of becoming a victim, she utilizes her positive nature and captures a thousand sparks of light. These sparks are given to the reader to inspire and help them on their own personal journey.”

– Joann M. Dobbie, Author, Legacy and Lores

“Lenore Janecek’s story is one of sheer courage. She stood up to a healthcare system that vilifies the patients it harms. When Lenore stood up for herself, she stood up for all patients, everywhere.”

– Karen Curtiss, Author, Safe & Sound in the Hospital: Checklists and Tools for Your Loved One’s Care


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