Lenore Janecek

Author Event
Thursday, August 13, 2015

lenoresparks-196x300Lenore Janecek is a nationally-known health care expert, author, TV host, and public speaker. She is highly regarded for her knowledge in the areas of health care management, public policy, insurance, and retirement benefits. A noted author, public speaker, and TV host of Community Health, she has been the founder and president of Lenore Janecek & Associates, Ltd. since 1985. Her book credits include Health Insurance: A Guide for Artists, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Other Self-Employed, and Save the Patient (a digital book). She has advised presidents and governors on health issues, and been appointed to numerous boards at their request. She has launched her book tour, and is available for book talks and speaking engagements. Lenore is President and Executive Producer at Lenore Janecek & Assoc., Ltd. Visit her website at:

In her inspiring book, A Thousand Sparks of Light, Lenore Janecek tells the story of how she was diagnosed with cancer and underwent invasive surgery, only to discover, through dogged perseverance, there was a disastrous mix-up-followed by a cover-up. But Lenore’s story is much more than the legal battle, it is an intimate spiritual journey, an unforgettable story about not giving up on yourself—and in the process provides advice on how take charge of your safety.